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American Baptist Churches of Maine are in the midst of significant change. Dramatic demographic shifts are impacting almost all of our congregations. Yet avenues for communication are developing, people are seeking community and are eager to participate in endeavors that make a difference.

The living Spirit of Christ is at work among us in the midst of change. God has not abandoned us. The Spirit, we believe, is using disruption to invite us to recover our heritage. This includes reclaiming our posture as a people of the Word who participate in God’s mission in the world, wherever that mission-journey takes us. Our Baptist story informs us about how to serve in the midst of brokenness in the world, how to respond to those on the margins of society, and how to bear faithful witness to our risen Lord in the midst of confusion or despair.  Together we will address these challenges. Business as usual is no longer possible as we  live into the future that God has for us.a

THE GREEN SHOOTS NEWSLETTER is ABCOM’s new regional electronic newsletter.  Green Shoots is a way to keep engaged in mission conversation.  You can learn and share what God is doing in our region.  Green Shoots is an invitation to participate in learning what it means to be the people of God today.   You can submit an article (300 words or less) with an accompanying photograph to green.shoots@abcom.org.  


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