Finance Committee

THE FINANCE COMMITTEE is responsible for developing necessary projections of income and expenses. They will recommend to the ABCOM Board and oversee the implementation of an annual budget.
a. They shall manage the ABCOM’s invested funds with power to make investments or to change investments as in its judgment will serve the best interests of the ABCOM.
b. They shall oversee the implementation of the ABCOM’s budget covenant with The American Baptist Churches, USA; and shall remain in consultation with the Mission Support Committee in encouraging financial support of mission in the region.
c. They shall prepare an annual proposed budget for the next year and submit it to members of the Board one month in advance of the Board’s fall meeting.
d. They shall meet at least quarterly, and shall make semi-annual reports to the Executive Committee.

Chair: Mrs. Marlene Everett, First Vice President

  • Mr. Robert Clapp, President
  • Pastor Kathy Saarinen, Second Vice President
  • Rev. Dr. Alfred J Fletcher, Executive Minister
  • Rev. Sharon Workman, Treasurer
  • Rev. Russell Thayer, ABCOM Board Member
  • Mrs. Gayle Murphy Long, ABCOM Board Member
  • Pastor Gary York, ABCOM Board Member
  • Rev. Bonnie Higgins, General Constituency
  • Mr. David Watson, General Constituency


3-7-2023 Meeting Minutes