Committee on the Ministry

a. Implementing standards of recognition for ministerial leadership as determined by the ABCOM;
b. Reviewing the qualifications of those seeking to minister within the jurisdiction of the ABCOM and recommending appropriate action to the congregations to be served:
c. Referring to the ABCOM for adoption any proposed changes in standards or procedures;
d. Collaborating in furthering the effectiveness of ministers through training and discipline;
e. Appointing a Board of Review when needed to deal with appeals regarding the application of standards of recognition;
f. Annually review and affirm the Directory of Pastors and Professional Church Leaders;
g. Oversee the implementation of ABCOM’s Ecclesiastical Process for Ministerial Review as needed.

All ordination and commission applications should be submitted through the appropriate association representative to Melissa Dennett, Administrative Assistant (

To contact your association representative by email use the following formulae: (

Journeying Through the Ordination Process

Chair: Rev. Dr. Pamela Morse

Secretary: Rev. Dr. Alfred Fletcher

Class of 2023
Rev. Matt Burden (East)
Rev. Wayne Sawyer (MidCoast)
Rev. Jeff Patenaude (York)

CLASS 0F 2024:
Rev. Ken Phelps (North Aroostook)
Rev. John P. Ross (Bowdoinham)
Rev. Lydia Hews (Cumberland) Rev. Carolyn Davila (Damariscotta) Rev. Sheila Heneise (Penquis)

Class of 2025
Rev. Steven Straubel (South Aroostook)
Rev. Ken Smith (Kennebec)
Rev. Sharon Workman (West)

Ecclesiastical Process for Complaints of Clergy Misconduct

Committee on Ministry Suggestions for Outgoing and Incoming Clergy