The primary functions of the Board are as follows:
a. Develop ABCOM policy;
b. Establish ABCOM priorities and program;
c. Evaluate the entire mission and ministry of the ABCOM;
d. Adopt the ABCOM’s budget;
e. Appoint and establish conditions of employment for the professional staff (except Executive Minister) upon recommendation of the Executive Committee in consultation with the Executive Minister;
f. Recommend to the voting members in Annual or Special Meeting a candidate for Executive Minister;
g. Receive and dismiss congregations in accordance with Article II of Bylaws;
h. Oversee the ABCOM’s standards for membership;
i. Have the care, management and control of all ABCOM’s physical and financial assets;
j. Employ legal counsel as required;
k. Make a report at the Annual Meeting;
l. Provide appropriate recognition for ministries which may from time to time be developed to enhance our common mission;
m. Fulfill such other responsibilities as assigned by the voting members in Annual or Special Meeting

Officers: (email=

 *President: Mr. Robert Clapp

  • *1st Vice President: Mrs. Marlene Everett
  • *2nd Vice President: Pastor Kathy Saarinen
  • *Treasurer: Rev. Sharon Workman
  • *Executive Minister: Rev. Dr. Al Fletcher

 Association Representatives

  •  * Phyllis Taylor (N. Aroostook)
  •  *  __________   (S. Aroostook)
  •  *Rev. Russell Thayer (Bowdoinham)
  •     ___________   (Cumberland)
  • * Rev. Carolyn Davila (Damariscotta)
  •    _____________ (East)
  • * Pastor Gary York (Kennebec)
  • Mrs. Sharon Ingalls (Kennebec)
  • *Mrs. Debbie Laflamme (Mid-Coast)
  • *___________  (Penquis)
  • * Gayle Murphy Long (West)
  • *___________ (York)

*indicates Executive Committee Members

Members At-Large

  • Angel Davila
  • Sharon Stuart-Michaud
  • Chip Hilton
  • Jay Noll

Auxiliary Organization Representatives

  • Board of General Ministries, ABCUSA – Bonnie Higgins
  • American Baptist Women’s Ministries – Mrs. Cindy Richendollar
  • Ministers’ Council of Maine
  • Baptist Park – Erin Ackerson
  • Baptist Youth Camp – Adrian Munroe
  • China Lake Camp – Rick and Stephanie Hansen
  • American Baptist Churches of Maine’s Institute for Ministry – Joshua Burden
  • American Baptist Men of Maine