Christian Formation Committee

Christian spiritual formation is the process of being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ for the glory of God and for the sake of others (II Corinthians 3:17-18). The focus of spiritual formation is the Holy Spirit, who guides the ongoing journey towards union with God.

In the 1689 Confession, or the Second London Confession of Faith by Regular Baptists, the following paragraph On The Church (Paragraph 15) is instructive to our committee.

As each church, and all the members of it, are bound to pray continually for the good and prosperity of all the churches of Christ,  in all places, and upon all occasions to further every one within the bounds of their places and callings, in the exercise of their gifts and graces, so the churches, when planted by the providence of God, so as they may enjoy opportunity and advantage for it, ought to hold communion among themselves, for their peace, increase of love, and mutual edification,

The purpose of the Christian Formation Committee is to support, affirm, and encourage the local church, our associations, and our region in its worship and fellowship. The Christian Formation Committee will seek to: pray for the American Baptist churches of Maine, provide resources for deepening worship and fellowship, and demonstrate through appropriate means worship and fellowship.

Potential Ideas

  1. Prayer gatherings
  2. Advent and Lenten devotions
  3. Spiritual Life Retreats
  4. Morning and Evening Devotions at the Annual Meeting
  5. Articles
  6. Resource sharing:  Books, articles, etc.
  7. Pilgrimages

Chair: Pastor Scott McPhedran

Members: Rev. Matt Burden, Mrs. Lorna Hansen, Ms. Marilyn Nichols, Rev. Jonah Bissell